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Comment devenir membre de l’UEF Belgique


Membre sympathisant : 25 €

Étudiant : 12 €

Cotisation d’honneur : 50 € et plus

Cotisation à verser au compte

n° 210-0375675-46 – IBAN: BE33 2100 3756 7546 – BIC: GEBABEBB

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Ruxandra Radu and I am a 24 years old romanian student here in Belgium, at an advanced master in European integration.
    I would really like to join and support your activity, if you are currently welcoming new members please contact me.
    Ruxandra Radu

  2. UEF Info says:

    Of course you are more than welcome to join us.
    Here is our Facebook page as well:
    We organise meeting every month and we usually publish the agenda in advance on the website and facebook. The next meeting will be the 20th but if you are interested to join us we are organising an action for December 12. More info will come soon on Facebook and website.
    Hope to see you soon,

    Monica Tiberi

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